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How can we use topics in our Early Years setting?

I used a mixture of teaching styles at my childminding setting; we enjoyed lots of child led and free play learning and embraced many of the principles of In the Moment Planning.

However, we also had a monthly topic and the children LOVED it. I think topics are helpful to introduce the children to concepts that they may not otherwise encounter at such a young age.

  • Our topic helped me with toy rotation. My setting was also my home so we didn’t have a huge space to have all of our resources out 24/7.
  • Our topic gave structure to our tuff tray and tinker tray play.
  • Our topic influenced our choice of role play area and helped me rotate the fancy dress.
  • Our topic helped me introduce the children to different books and stories. We had so many so it was helpful to bring them out based on a specific theme.
  • Our topic helped guide our choice of outings. I’ve taken the children to some fantastic locations for our outings that I may otherwise not even have thought of as a place to go.
  • Our topic helped me teach the children about the world around them.
  • Our topic helped me as a practitioner to constantly question what resources and activities I was providing for the children, and how they could be used to enhance the learning provision I offered.

Each topic sheet has been designed as a monthly topic. There are 49 activities, seven for each of the seven areas of learning. Each square is a prompt, giving you ideas for activities, games and outings that you can take, adapt, enhance and make your own.

The children can have an input too, selecting which of the activities they would like to do that day, building on the British Values of democracy and the Personal Social and Emotional Development goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The activities have been broken down into the seven areas of learning so they can easily be selected to meet the individual needs of the children in your care and the next steps they need to take to meet their learning outcomes.

What am I buying?

This listing is for an instant digital download of a one page pdf document. No physical product will be sent. This document can be used electronically on your computer/device, or printed and displayed at your setting.

Please let me know if you have any problems downloading or opening the document and if there’s a topic you’d like to buy but don’t see listed then give me a shout and I’ll put it together for you. Thanks Anna


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