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Brand Reps

Brand Rep Programme

What is a Brand Rep?

A brand rep is someone with a genuine interest in my products, an affinity with my ethos and a love for my brand. A rep must be someone who spends time with children in the early years age group, either as parents or professionals and who passionately believes in the power of play.

The role of a brand rep is to increase the online presence of Tinker Tray Play and so applicants must have an active social media account. I expect all posts in which Tinker Tray Play is tagged to be polite, positive, respectful and in keeping with the overall brand.

I am a small independent business, there is only me behind the scenes. Maintaining an online presence is a time-consuming task and so the aim of this brand rep programme is to invite others to work with me, helping me with my social media as I grow my business.


How do I become a Rep?

Rep opportunities are advertised on a regular basis on both my Instagram and Facebook accounts. Instructions about how to apply will be included, this is generally a request to share photos that reflect your style of play and showcase your photography skills. Other criteria that will be considered are your reach and engagement stats.


What will I have to do?

Brand reps:

  • Are able to take clear photos of products either in use or in flat lays,
  • Agree for their photos to be shared and posts to be reposted,
  • Will make a minimum of two purchases per term (no minimum spends),
  • Must share a minimum of one post per week to grid and stories,
  • Will interact with my posts through likes, comments and reposts,
  • Are willing to join in with team activities like bingo, takeovers, loops.

Worldwide entries are welcome but unfortunately, I do not sell to America or Canada.


What will I get in return?

Brand reps will receive a 15% discount code for their personal use. They will receive advance notification of new products, be involved in some of the decision-making process for new ranges or brands and have input to the team activities. Reps are also welcome to contribute blogs posts and assist with the admin of the Tinker Tray Playtime Facebook group.


A brand rep who does not maintain adequate engagement and involvement levels or who does not display the correct behaviours will not be asked to continue for another term. Bullying and rudeness is not acceptable. I reserve the right to terminate the agreement immediately if I feel it is necessary to do so. I also reserve the right to remove discount codes from use.


Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a Tinker Tray Play brand rep. You’ll be joining a fantastic friendly team with an active chat group. Good luck and happy tinkering!