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Freckled Frog Playing with Planets


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Blast into outer space and explore these beautifully illustrated blocks. Consisting of 8 blocks, one for each planet in our solar system.  Each piece features illustrations of a planet and also the diameter in km and miles. Blocks are in size order of the planets with Jupiter being the largest and Mercury the smallest.

  • Children will enjoy stacking the blocks and as their skills develop, they will be able to name and express features of each planet.
  • Children will love learning more about the size of the planets and their position in relation to the Earth.
  • Ideal for various skill levels from simple stacking to a true discussion about our place in the universe.
  • Largest block measures 5.8cm x 5.8cm and smallest 3cm x 3cm.
  • Made with sustainably sourced beech wood.
  • Age: 12 months+.



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