Loose Parts Shelves

I have arranged my loose parts on 3 shelves. The furthest shelf is filled with jars of natural loose parts i.e bamboo circles, fur cones, shells. The second and third are filled with recycled and other loose parts i.e. bottle lids etc. The third also houses a variety of tins for play.

Invitation Trays

These stacking drawers contain a variety of trays to use for invitations and provocations.

Art Supplies

Trays for Messy Play

Here I have piled up a selection of trays for messy play activities.

Play Dough Trolley

I store this trolley in my shed then roll it into the house to add to play dough play. In the future I want to replace all the plastic rolling pins with wooden ones.

Small World Figures

This is an area still under construction. I want to add my wooden play houses to this area as well as any materials I use to create my small worlds for the children.

Water Play

These stacking trays and the storage underneath contain resources for water play and sand play. I am also arranging my Physical Play section which will contain PE loose parts i.e. balls, hoops and bean bags.

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