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A unique playing space for any child that will help your little ones to develop agility and movement and develop motor skills based on Pikler pedagogy. The toy will never get old and can be transformed into many shapes for your children’s entertainment.

Your baby will always climb somewhere – on chairs, on the table, on the sofa, on the cabinet. Sometimes it is even too dangerous for your little ninja! But climbing is a natural skill for a baby. If you can’t walk through – climb it! This activity lets your child learn physical activities, but also develops decision skills. Every climb is an exercise and a puzzle at the same time. Pikler triangle makes this activity a safe and entertaining for your child.

Modifiable Pikler triangle “Mopitri”

The freedom of movement is very important in healthy and natural child’s development. Children should not be taught or stimulated in faster physical development. Before learning to walk, the baby should know how to sit, and for each phase, the child will know by himself when he is ready.

Ability to climb plays a big role in the child’s motor skills and balance, therefore children naturally tend to climb everywhere. Literally – everywhere. Parents’ role here is to provide a safe way for a child to work on his/her climbing skills. And this is where Pikler triangle comes into the game!

Modifiable Pikler triangle “Mopitri” is the most unique and innovative climbing triangle in the world! Change the shape of the climbing triangle each day, so it never gets boring for a child to use it. Lower or steeper triangle, house-shaped or flat, or maybe two small triangles, imagination is your limit! Adapt the climbing challenges to your child’s development stage and abilities. Add the sliding ramp for even more fun activities.


The width of the triangle is 80 cm ( 31 1/2 in).

Each segment is 50 cm (19 3/4 in) long. The dimensions of the triangle depends on the position – the highest triangle is 82 cm (32 1/5 in) height.

Sizes of triangle ramp are: 40*117 cm (15 3/4 * 46 in) – width, length.

Suggested age: 12 months

Material: Birch plywood (ramp and side boards – varnished), birch rods (untreated).

Treatment: water-based varnish


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