IO Blocks Tabletop System



Experience engineering challenges, ratio exploration and gear connections in a play-based environment using the digitally inspired IO Blocks and gears of the IO Blocks Tabletop System.

Square, double-sided, puzzle-like base pieces interlock in a variety of ways to create a 2D or 3D base that supports IO Blocks and gears. Children can build both horizontally and vertically using the base pieces. Little IO people with unique accessories and IO cows add an element of fun and imaginative play. Easily incorporate with your existing IO Blocks sets for endless build possibilities. Includes activity cards. Ages 3+.

  • Open-ended interlocking construction blocks
  • Set includes 118 pieces; base pieces, IO Blocks, gears, axles, IO people, IO cows and accessories
  • A combination of geometric and curved elements add variety and promote more fluid designs
  • Interlocking pieces connect with a secure, yet easily adjustable friction fit system
  • Activity cards included
  • Material: Soft touch plastic
  • Encourage fine motor skills, problem solving, dramatic play and spatial concepts
  • Ages 3+

This item is not availble to buy using the Tinker Tray Play payment plan.


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